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There are many inspiring stories of women into engineering – Mala Rajput

June 12, 2015 ATG Apprenticeships - No Comments

Girls can make a good career from Engineering There are many inspiring stories of women into engineering, stories of women who reach those landmark feats but there also women who achieve their dreams in other ways, who are inspired by engineering itself. I am inspired by curiosity of how things work and hence my attraction to mechanical engineering and physics. It was a serendipitous moment 20 years ago, when I got my first job in an Engineering company that manufactured Springs of all shapes and sizes. I was employed as a specification and orders clerk. I spent more time on […]

When considering what to do when you have finished your exams, what is on your list of next things to do?

May 28, 2015 Stephen Smyth - No Comments

  When considering what to do when you have finished your exams, enjoying the summer sunshine and holidays will be high on the list for many. But before packing your bags consideration needs to be made of the choices for your further education in September. Two educational routes are open, Academic and Vocational – University or Apprenticeship. Both are equally valid and both can lead to degree level qualifications. The difference is an Apprenticeship pays a salary whilst you learn and a University course does not. In relation to Apprenticeships, Britain’s most successful former Apprentices are worth £20 Billion between them. […]

Buckinghamshire Going for Gold

November 6, 2014 Stephen Smyth - No Comments

Bucks Business First and Bucks Thames Valley LEP have joined forces with ATG Training, Aylesbury College, Amersham & Wycombe College and Bucks UTC to launch the “Going for Gold” initiative. Going for Gold aims to improve and showcase the quality of apprenticeships in Buckinghamshire. The key aim of this initiative is to set the gold standard for training being delivered in the region, assuring apprentices that they are getting the best possible training, and employers that their apprentices will have the right attitude and work ethic for their business. The establishment of a benchmark for gold standard Apprenticeships will help […]

GTA England Apprentice of the Year

November 5, 2014 Stephen Smyth - No Comments

ATG Apprenticeships Business and Administration Apprentice Bobby Duff, who works for British Converting Solutions has won the title of Apprentice of the Year at the GTA England Annual Conference, held at the House of Commons. Bobby was presented with his award by Nick Boles MP Minister of State for Skills and Equalities and was joined at the event by his employer, Simon Penwright and representatives from ATG Training. Bobby said: “My apprenticeship has had a huge effect on my personal goals and ambitions. I have realised that my apprenticeship is only the start – I have the opportunity and support […]

What qualifications will you gain from an apprenticeship?

October 29, 2014 Stephen Smyth - No Comments

If you’re considering undertaking an Apprenticeship, as well as looking at the type of work and training you will gain, the working hours and salary you will receive, you will need to look at the qualifications that you will achieve. These are usually a range of NVQs, Functional Skills qualifications, technical certificates and, at higher levels, a Higher National Certificate (HNC) or Higher National Diploma (HND). What is an NVQ? An NVQ, or National Vocational Qualification, is often referred to as a ‘competence-based’ qualification. To achieve an NVQ, students are assessed on-the-job by an NVQ assessor who evaluates their performance […]

More than 700 new employers on board with apprenticeships

October 28, 2014 Stephen Smyth - No Comments

As part of the government’s apprenticeships trailblazers scheme a huge range of new apprenticeships are being designed. More than 700 employers are joining the scheme and 76 new apprenticeships are being designed to cover a huge range of new industries and job roles including things like TV production, fashion, boatbuilding, the armed forces, the nuclear sector and professional services. Business Secretary Vince Cable said: “Our reforms have empowered businesses large and small to design and deliver world-beating apprenticeships that offer a real route to a successful career.” These new apprenticeships will be a great supplement to the wide range of apprenticeships […]

Cameron to create 3 million apprenticeships

October 24, 2014 Stephen Smyth - No Comments

Should Prime Minister David Cameron return to No 10 in next May’s general election, he plans to make big changes to benefits, welfare and apprenticeships. His plans to end youth employment will be powered by an aim to create up to 3 million new apprenticeships by 2020. Cameron says that the plan “will help give us the skills to compete with the rest of the world. And it will mean more hope, more opportunity, and more security for our young people, helping them get on in life and make something of themselves.” In order to create these additional apprenticeships, the […]

Richard Branson says that University isn’t always the right option

October 23, 2014 Stephen Smyth - No Comments

In a recent interview with The Guardian, Richard Branson has said that for years the majority of young people have been encouraged to go to University when for many it is “not the right fit”. Branson believes that apprenticeships and vocational training are an excellent option for young people, better equipping them with “the skill sets required for industry”. Richard Branson isn’t the first to have voiced this opinion, and it’s an issue that we’ve talked about in the ATG Apprenticeships news pages a few times – is university the best option for you and what you want to do? You […]

Employers want young people with real world experience

October 16, 2014 Stephen Smyth - No Comments

In a recent survey conducted by the British Chamber of Commerce, employers were asked about their views on young people in the workplace. The results showed that more than half of businesses feel that university graduates aren’t prepared for the workplace as they lack basic workplace skills such as communication and team working. The study didn’t, however, discuss Apprenticeships. Of course, Apprenticeships are quite different because employers recruiting Apprentices aren’t expecting these recruits to have as much experience of these skills, but are looking for young people with the potential to quickly learn these skills on the job, alongside their […]

Small businesses are keen to employ apprentices

October 14, 2014 Stephen Smyth - No Comments

Recent reports show that many small businesses are keen to employ apprentices. The 2014 Albion Ventures Growth report looked at the challenges and opportunities that are faced by small and medium-sized businesses. It found that many of these businesses need to bring in more staff to learn the business and the key skills that they need to grow. The report also highlights that these businesses are looking for employees who will grow with their business. This is why these companies want to hire apprentices who can come into the business and learn the key skills required for them to succeed. […]