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Your Apprenticeship Interview – Example Questions

September 25, 2014 Stephen Smyth - No Comments

Previously on the ATG Apprenticeships news pages we’ve discussed our top tips for preparing for your Apprenticeship interview. In that article we suggested trying to think about the questions that your potential employer might ask you during the interview and start thinking about how you would answer these kind of questions in a way that relates to the job role and your relevant skills. Are you struggling to think of what types of questions you might be asked though? Well, although every interview is different, we thought we’d get your thinking started with this list of sample questions: What made […]

Emphasising your skills and experience on your CV

September 22, 2014 Stephen Smyth - No Comments

In a previous article here on the ATG Apprenticeships news page we discussed how to prepare your CV when you’re getting ready to apply for Apprenticeship vacancies, using our helpful Apprenticeships CV Hints & Tips. It’s also important to note, however, that there are certain skills that the majority of employers will be looking for in an Apprentice, no matter which industry they are operating in. These include communication skills, an ability to work with others, English and Maths skills, basic computer skills and organisation skills. So you need to bear these things in mind when writing your CV so […]

Social Media and Your Apprenticeship Application

September 18, 2014 Stephen Smyth - No Comments

Social media plays such a big part in our daily lives now. Have you stopped to think how your social media accounts and activity could affect your Apprenticeship application though? A lot of employers, when reviewing CVs and job applications, will search for the applicants on social networks to get a better idea of the person, their personality and their interests. This can help them to judge whether they think that the individual will fit in with the company. So when you’re starting to look at Apprenticeship vacancies and preparing your CV ready for applications, stop and think about how […]

Getting your parents on board with an Apprenticeship

September 16, 2014 Stephen Smyth - No Comments

It’s natural to seek advice and guidance from your school and your parents for when you’re planning your future. But what if you feel that an Apprenticeship is the right option for you and your future, but your parents aren’t on board? Or your school tries to discourage you and convince you to go down a more traditional academic route? It’s quite possible that you will find yourself in this position. Research from educational charity The Edge Foundation indicates that only a quarter of parents of young people judge vocational training to be worthwhile, and that 22% of students are […]

Apprenticeships and Gap Years

September 11, 2014 Stephen Smyth - No Comments

Gap years are something that many young people consider after school, before they begin at university. There’s no reason, however, that you can’t take a gap year after school and then begin an Apprenticeship. If you’ve decided that uni isn’t for you and that you’d like to find a position as an apprentice, you could take a gap year when you finish school, and then begin your search for an Apprenticeship vacancy. This is the clear difference between a gap year before uni and a gap year before an Apprenticeship. With universities you can apply for deferred entry – applying […]

Where to find guidance on Apprenticeships

September 10, 2014 Stephen Smyth - No Comments

Thinking about your options for the future? There’s lots of information around for university applications and course, but where can you go to find advice and guidance on Apprenticeships? There are a few good websites that will provide you with some general information and background on the types and levels of Apprenticeship that are available. Take a look at the National Careers Service website and, for example. For further information about what might be involved in a particular type of Apprenticeship category, you can also take a look at our “Focus On…” series of news articles which provide more […]

ATG support all through your Apprenticeship

September 4, 2014 Stephen Smyth - No Comments

In their annual report on study programmes for 16 – 19 year olds Ofsted has raised concerns that many college courses are not effectively helping young people to secure the qualifications, training and work experience to progress in their chosen career paths. Increasing numbers of young people also appear to be dropping out of their training courses, raising concerns that there will be an increase in the number of young people aged 16 to 24 being classed as ‘NEET’ (not in full time education, employment or training). In regards to Apprenticeships and vocational training, the report highlighted the importance of […]

Get the most out of your Apprenticeship

September 2, 2014 Stephen Smyth - No Comments

So you have successfully secured the Apprenticeship that you wanted and are ready to start your career in your chosen industry. What can you do now to make sure you get the most out of your Apprenticeship? These are ATG Apprenticeships’ top tips to bear in mind when starting your Apprenticeship: Dress Correctly We’ve talked about dressing correctly for you interview in our Focus On… Preparing for your interview But remember that it doesn’t end there – you need to ensure that you dress appropriately to attend work once you start your Apprenticeship. What will be appropriate for your workplace […]