Two Engineering Apprentices using machinery

Funding available for Engineering Apprenticeships

Apprenticeships are for existing members of staff, as well as for new recruits, and the costs are heavily subsidised by the Government. As your Training Provider, we will give you guidance on the funding available, which varies depending on the age and experience of the Apprentice and the size of the employer. Where full funding is not available, an employer contribution will be payable.

Key Funding Eligibility Criteria

Apprentices cannot have already obtained a Level 4 or higher qualification (HNC, Foundation Degree, etc) in any subject area.

Apprentices need to have lived within the EU for at least 3 years prior to their start date and have a permanent National Insurance Number.

Apprentices need to have a Contract which meets the minimum working hours and salary requirements. In order to ensure that Apprentices are treated fairly and responsibly, there are certain responsibilities that the Employer and Training Provider need to commit to.

Employer Commitments

You will pay each Apprentice at least the Apprentice Minimum Wage, which is set by the Government and reviewed annually by the Low Pay Commission. You will provide Apprentices with a Contract for at least the duration of their Apprenticeship programme.

You will provide training and support to ensure the Apprentice achieves, including regular time at work to gather evidence. The working environment will comply with Health & Safety and Equality & Diversity legislation.

Training Provider Commitments:

We will advise of all funding and incentive criteria and carry out the necessary eligibility checks.

We will work with you and ensure that you receive regular updates on how your Apprentice is performing against the standards required.

We will provide professional and pastoral support to the Apprentice throughout the duration of their programme. We will outline all the progression options available upon completion of the initial Apprenticeship.

We can also help you to recruit new Apprentices for your business by advertising on your behalf on a number of national websites. We will support you throughout the recruitment process by generating applications, organising interviews and reviewing applicants against entry criteria. However, the final selection decision is yours, as they will be your employee to work with and train.

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