Focus On… Retail Apprenticeships

June 18, 2014 Stephen Smyth - No Comments

Baker's shop shopkeeper gives bread to customerThere are many different types of Apprenticeships you can apply for, including a full range of Retail Apprenticeships. Retail covers a host of businesses ranging from independent shops to large chains and organisations, and Retail Apprenticeship provide an opportunity to develop retail skills that will enable you to perform your role with your employer but that are also transferable across a range of retail sectors.

The job roles available to you on a Retail Apprenticeship will also vary depending on the sector that your employer works in. Examples of just some of the roles available are Sales Assistant, Beauty Consultant, Visual Merchandiser, Stockroom Assistant and Counter Assistant. Your role really will be dependent on your employer – you could be doing one of these roles mentioned or even a role you may not know even existed! Working hours for Retail Apprentices will also vary depending on the employer as different retail establishments have different working hours.

Retail Apprenticeships provide you with the opportunity to learn a huge variety of skills including how to work effectively within a retail team and communication skills which are key to communicating with colleagues and customers. Other skills will be dependent on your role and responsibilities, but may include processing transactions, promoting special offers or loyalty schemes, creating visual merchandising displays and processing returns.

Retail really is a great sector to get into as there are so many different areas you can branch off to, and so many ways to work your way up the ladder inside a retail company or maybe someday even start your own retail business up offering Retail Apprenticeships to others!

Take a look at the Retail Apprenticeship vacancies available with ATG Apprenticeships and sign up on the site today so that you’re ready to apply. Remember that you’ll need a CV to submit an application – if you’re not sure how to get started with your CV, check out our article here in the ATG Apprenticeships News for some pointers.