Focus on…Team Leader & Management Apprenticeships

August 21, 2014 Stephen Smyth - No Comments

Team Leader & Management apprenticeships are the perfect way to leading you into a career where you will need the vital skills in order to lead a successful and efficient team, as well as ensuring that customers and staff are kept happy and any issues dealt with care. With a Team Leader & Management apprenticeship you will be given the powerful opportunity to experience first-hand day-to-day roles and tasks to ensure that you will be confident from the very first day of your employment after completing your apprenticeship.

The apprenticeship for Team Leader & Management that are offered at ATG Apprenticeships have 3 mandatory units and two optional units as part of the apprenticeships qualification. Depending on how the company you will be working with has structured your apprenticeship, the mandatory units could cover essentials skills such as managing personal development, develop working relationships with other work colleagues and communicating information and knowledge. You will be able to choose optional units as part of your qualifications to give you the opportunity to learn useful skills such as planning and monitoring work of a team and resolving potential problems or conflicts in a work team.

During your apprenticeship you can also learn other useful skills geared towards your first time leading a work team such as:

  • Handling any issues a team member may have
  • Agreeing possible budgets
  • General Project Management
  • Handling customer care
  • To be able to motivate a team
  • Ensure deadline dates are met

If you wish to be in a team leader or management role as a career choice then check back to the vacancies for these roles on the ATG Apprenticeships website to see the currently available apprenticeship choices. Make sure you find the perfect apprenticeship for you by signing up to the ATG Apprenticeships email alerts as new apprenticeships are added to the website constantly.