Focus On…Electronics Engineering Apprenticeships

July 31, 2014 Stephen Smyth - No Comments

Electronics Engineering ApprenticeshipElectronics Engineering Apprenticeships are ideal if you’re looking for a career that involves maths, science and technology in a practical, hands-on way. There are many industry areas that you could work in as an Electronics Engineering Apprentice as there are electronic components in such a range of devices – everything from mobile phones, computers and radios to medical instruments such as laboratory apparatus, as well as a huge selection on control systems used in manufacturing and industrial machinery, cars, satellites and more.

The tasks that you will undertake on an Electronics Engineering Apprenticeship will depend a lot on the company that you are working for and their industry area, but could include:

  • Assembling and testing electronic circuits
  • Maintenance of electronic equipment or systems, including fault-finding
  • Production of electronic engineering drawings using computer aided design (CAD) software
  • Inspection and calibration of instruments used for quality control checks
  • Design of circuit boards and wiring diagrams
  • Testing of prototypes and recording and analysing the results

You may be working in a factory, a workshop or a research facility. As an Electronics Engineering Apprentice you will likely be working as part of a team of engineers, as well as on individual work tasks that you will be assigned, so your skills in working as part of a team as well as working under your own supervision will be expanded. And of course you will learn to complete your job tasks safely and to maintain a healthy working environment.

After completing an Electronics Engineering Apprenticeship, there are many options for further learning and qualifications as well as for career progression.

If it sounds like an Electronics Engineering Apprenticeship might be for you, take a look at the job vacancies currently available in this area on the ATG Apprenticeships website to see the range of options available. But don’t worry if you don’t spot something that’s quite right for you – more vacancies are added to the site all the time, and you can sign up for our email alerts to be one of the first to know when these are added.